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Sunflower Seed Syrup

Hello to all. As promised in my video about the Dream Chaser, my submission to Uncle Nearest's 2022 Honor Your Legacy cocktail competition, here is the recipe for my homemade Sunflower Seed Syrup.

You'll need:

  1. Roasted/shelled/salted sunflower seeds

  2. Cane sugar

  3. Purified water

  4. Food grade scale


The ratio of ingredients is 2 parts sunflower seeds to 1 part sugar, and one total part of that combined weight of water. Example: 500 grams seeds : 250 grams sugar : 750 grams water

* If possible, measure out your portions using a food grade scale. This allows us to reach a more precise volume ratio of our ingredients than using measuring cups. Remember that dry volume is different than wet volume because the mass of both volumes will be different from one another.


We will be using a technique called Double-Boiling.

In a clean wide-mouthed jar, combine the water, sugar, and seeds.

Set the jar in a pot of water on the stove that has enough water in it to reach the fill line of ingredients in the jar. Turn the heat up enough so that the pot of water begins to steam.

You don't want so much heat that the water inside of the jar evaporates, otherwise you'll end up with a concentrated syrup and have less yield.

Stir the seed/sugar/water mixture as the water in the pot steams so that as much of the flavor of the sunflower seeds gets pulled into the sugar and water mixture as possible.

After the sunflower seeds start to turn slightly darker, take the pot off heat and set aside for a few minutes. After the jar has cooled to where you can handle it, dump the contents of the jar into a mesh strainer and discard the seeds. Take the warm syrup and run it through a coffee filter. This may take a few coffee filters because the syrup will be thick and oily. The goal here is to filter out the remaining seed particles, and also to filter out the natural oil contained in the sunflower seeds.

You now have your own batch of Sunflower Seed Simple!

Bottle, label with date, and store in the refrigerator. The syrup will be good for 2 weeks. 🌻

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