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Luminary conference at Swipe Right Art

Updated: May 17, 2022

Two weeks ago, Drink Like Royalty provided bar service for a conference driven by Luminary, at Nashville art curator and gallery owner Ashley Bergeron's gallery concept, Swipe Right Art.

I had been in contact with the event planner for a few weeks leading up to this event to get a better idea of what the cocktail menu needed to look like for an evening of panel discussions, networking, and wonderful hors d'oeuvres. This was also the first event to be held at the original gallery after the awful Christmas day bombing and consequential re-model of the space.

Luminary ( is a global platform that empowers women forward in their professional growth and inspires healthy communication between business partners. Think of a powerful female you know who experiences adversity or other hardships in the workplace. An executive who is stuck in the middle with no clear path for advancement, the woman embarking on a career change transitioning into the world of entrepreneurship, or even re-entering the workforce after some time away. Luminary provides real-world advice, tools, and resources to those women so they can advance themselves and become successful through collaboration, not competition.

The event company Ashley and I were working with had seen enough of Nashville's recognizable convention spaces, been through all of the cheeky tourist stuff, and they frankly just wanted a calm organic space where Luminary could host a panel discussion and cocktail hour. Swipe Right Art gallery made people feel comfortable and at home as they relaxed and networked inside this beautiful, exposed brick art space, full of original paintings and sculptures from local artists. I have been friends with gallery owner Ashley Bergeron since last spring, when Swipe Right Art forcibly relocated to a ground floor unit at the newly opened 5th & Broadway in early 2021 after her original gallery took damage on Christmas morning of 2020. Ashley has been a photographer and curator of lifestyle and art for more than 20 years, and she persevered and continued to showcase art wherever and however she could throughout 2021 and up to the present. I began spending time at the gallery that year because my girlfriend worked there as a gallerista - one who has a presence within the space and speaks with guests about the artists and their art pieces. Ashley had a dream to reopen her original space with a celebratory event, one that would tie together the elements of good energy, collaboration, overall joy & celebration. This evening turned out to be exactly what she wanted out of a grand re-opening, and more!

While my friend and old co-worker Jessica and I shook martinis and cosmos for our guests, Luminary held a brilliant panel discussion where four prominent women in Nashville's entrepreneurship and leadership space spoke about many of the challenges they encountered in the corporate workplace, and how they overcame those obstacles to achieve great success. We heard stories about male superiors who were unwilling to promote a qualified woman into a leadership position, to other females who chose competition over collaboration in attempt to sabotage her co-worker and slander her skillset. We absorbed brilliant advice from women who raised large households and successfully dove into small business ownership, who graduated with multiple prestigious degrees (aka outworked the men) in order to simply get hired as a rock n' roll photographer at a famous record label, to a woman who had outperformed her entire office at a bank for years and never got the promotions she deserved until she garnered the assistance of a powerful male executive who saw through the preferential treatment of others instead of herself.

At the end of the evening, Drink Like Royalty's guests walked away satisfied having enjoyed our bar service, and of course, the art pieces! We spoke of plans to hold more art events and conventions at Swipe Right Art, and to incorporate dedicated cocktail service for those important guests a company (or a talented artist!) will bring into the space.

Stay tuned to this blog for updates as to what is going on and be sure to take a tour of Swipe Right Art Gallery so you can experience some inspiration and peace! Cheers! 🥂🎨

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