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Community Highlights: Nashville Voyager

Man, let me be clear on this and say first that it feels damn good to see some of my friends get published in the Nashville Voyager. Fellow creatives over the years who I've had the pleasure of creating music and art with, or even whom I just saw a dope performance and we know a few of the same people are in that online magazine. I saw them gaining traction and getting the love from their articles through social media and thought "I know those people! We used to jam at cyphers together!", or even "I saw you perform at Sambuca a few times!" It made me feel good. Then I checked my email one morning and discovered that someone had nominated ME to hold an interview with the Nashville Voyager as well! So, whoever you are, whichever friend of mine who feels that I'm doing something right as a mover and shaker in the city - thank you.

I truly appreciate your support.

Here are a few of the folks I know who are featured in the magazine.

Check them out and show them some love!

IG: @ahmadmusic_ / @_ahmadentertainment

Alright, onto the meat & potatoes. I responded to my Nashville Voyager contact, and she sent me some questions that I was to fill out and return in a timely manner. As I began to work on my answers, I realized that I needed to put this whole thing on hold until I had my website developed and had some professional photos taken. In total, it took me around 6-8 weeks to book a photoshoot ( - she's a killer), shop around and find a reliable web developer (thank you Steven Mesch!), and also to form my responses exactly how I wanted them. I wanted to maximize the potential reach of my interview so that I had the best chance of attracting quality clients. I wanted folks to be able to click on my Drink Like Royalty website link after reading my article, a website that did not exist quite yet. Hell, I don't even think the @drinklikeroyalty Instagram had been created yet! So, I put the interview on hold and went to work.

I'm glad I did, because when you start your own small business, the list of things you need to get done before your grand opening becomes quite a long one. I had told some family about my plans for Drink Like Royalty, and those in my circle of service industry friends certainly knew. But starting your brand and posting it for the whole world to see is a fickle thing! I am a firm believer that first impressions are sacred, and I knew you only get one shot (*cue mom's 🍝*) at an online launch.

Once I felt that everything was complete and ready to launch, I submitted my responses back to my Nashville Voyager contact. Although there are some lines in the published interview that only I am aware of that didn't get adjusted to my satisfaction by the editors; the basic gist of what Drink Like Royalty specializes in, why I moved to Nashville, what's going on with Beset. ~ my rock band ~, and what I do and do not like about the city are basically true. This was an eye-opening experience for me, and if you ever find yourself getting interviewed by somebody because of that cool thing you do - know that it's okay to take your time! You SHOULD take your time. Would you rush through the details of that important milestone because of a deadline, or would you rather make sure everything is smoothed out for the sake of your brand?

All in all, I am happy with the article, and am happy to see that the Voyager company has grown to showcase local creatives in Nashville. The online publication started in LA and quickly expanded to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, San Diego, and Phoenix! Who knows where this article will take Drink Like Royalty. If you are curious about what DLR can do for your upcoming private event, or want to know how we can help your FOH operation or cocktail menu, please schedule a free consultation at Cheers 🥂

Tyler's full interview can be found at

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